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Saturday, June 19, 2004

first blog

Well here is is.. my cute little blog, aren't you proud of me?! Well I just woke up about 10:30... Dustin's still at work and I think we're gonna go to Tyler later and get a Father's Day presents for our daddys. I'm watching "Down With Love", and I just love this movie! Well I had work yesterday from 8-12.. and I didn't finish all I had to do so I have to work on it today so that Dad can take it to this guy... its kinda confusing! Then when I got off I came home and changed clothes and Stacie and I went to Tyler and shopped.. she's leaving for Cancun with Emily Mackinnon today.. so she had to get a few things. Wow, I really need to clean my room, maybe I'll get around to that today. I gotta run, Dad's here with BBQ for lunch, mmmm mmmm mmmmm!


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